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Just wondering what the cost for shipping to australia is and if you combine shipping?


We are in the process of shifting who we ship through. We are switching to DHL because USPS has been extremely unpredictable with shipping. Because of this, shipping for Australia will be around $70.

You may also want to try some of our retailers in Australia. They don't carry our complete line, but you can always request that they expand their inventory. And this will keep you from having to pay extra shipping.

We are able to do alternate methods of shipping. But we have found that DHL is the most reliable and cheapest of options besides USPS.

If you would prefer USPS, it is $29.95 to send it through USPS Priority. But we cannot guarantee shipping through them as they have proved to be most unreliable.

Our site as of 9/29 is still shipping through USPS, but we will be making changes shortly to reflect our new shipping plans.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at our office at 757 233 0665.

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